Our theme-based classes are led by experienced guides who, depending on the class theme, may provide substantial visualization instruction during the mediation. All of our classes, however, will offer at least 10-15 minutes of silent, breath-focused meditation so that students can really sink into a meditative state.

Crystal Singing Bowl  Sound Bath;  Photo credit: Alex Bopp-Suess

Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath; Photo credit: Alex Bopp-Suess

Which type of meditation is best for me?

Many people wonder which type of meditation they should practice. The short answer is: any type that you will do consistently. It is the consistency that will provide the pay off!

That is not the whole story, however. If you wish to increase your mental sharpness, a basic mindfulness technique, such as our Mindful Express, Focus Booster, Mantra, or (for the experienced) Deep Dive class will help you achieve a more focused, sharp mind. This is because these types of meditation all increase the brain’s ability to focus and improve executive functioning.

If your heart needs mending, you will benefit from meditations that work towards healing old wounds and opening the heart center. Our guided visualizations on themes such as Forgiveness, Abundance, and Trust are a great place to work on these universal human issues. These classes are designed to challenge and reprogram the unconscious narrative that keeps so many people stuck.

The cultivation of gratitude and compassion have been shown to greatly increase one’s overall feeling of happiness and well-being with their life. Our Compassion and Greater Good classes are heart-centered practices that deepen one’s capacity for empathy toward self and others. The bonus is, everyone around you will benefit from your commitment to increasing your own level of contentment!

Here are some of the classes that we offer:

Abundance: Much suffering comes from the feeling that one’s needs are not being met. Sometimes this is a literal experience in the physical world, and sometimes it is an emotional experience. This guided meditation will focus on bringing the feeling of greater abundance into your life, while cultivating gratitude for the blessings that already exist in your life.

Compassion: This time-honored meditation increases one’s ability to open the heart through the intentional cultivation of compassion. This starts with a guided meditation that directs compassion toward oneself, then to friends and family, community, and the greater world.

Daily Intention: This class helps you set a positive tone for your day with a meditation designed to clarify the vision of what you’d like to manifest or how you would like to show up in the world today.

Deep Dive: This longer meditation is designed for more experienced meditators who are on a path of deep transformation. Simply put, longer, consistent meditation sessions lead to greater positive changes in well-being and brain function.

Empowerment: Designed to help you tap into your inner strength, this visualization will help you actualize your fullest potential. Let your light shine!

Evening Reset: You will be led into a deep state of bodily relaxation designed to promote a good night’s sleep. Silent, breath-focused meditation will take place during the last 20 minutes of class.

Forgiveness: This is the intentional practice of letting go of the hurts that impede one’s ability to live life to the fullest. Harm done to you by others can be very difficult to forgive, but ultimately forgiveness leads to your own freedom. This practice is for your own peace of heart and mind.

Greater Good: This meditation dares to envision what our planet could be like through guided visualizations which focus on big topics such as world peace, universal abundance, and freedom from suffering. Science suggests that an altruistic focus benefits everyone, including you!

Healthy Mind-Body: While we cannot guarantee spontaneous healing, numerous studies have shown that the mind affects the body and vice versa. You will be led through a 45-minute guided visualization designed to help you envision your body in a state of optimal health.

Breath and Sound: This class begins with an intensive, guided breathing experience, followed by mantra repetition. A mantra is a word that is used to focus the mind. Some individuals find the use of a word to be an easier “anchor” when guiding the mind back to its focal point. After the collective breath and mantra experience, the class will be led into a silent meditation.

Mindful Express (Great for beginners!): This shorter, 30-minute meditation is perfect for those who are short on time or who are newer to meditation. You will be guided into a meditative state during the first part of class, followed by 15 minutes of silent, breath-focused meditation.

Sound Bath: Allow the sound of crystal singing bowls to wash over you during this 45 class. Many people report feeling deeply relaxed after this immersion into the healing world of sound.

Trust: It is difficult to walk through life with an open heart if your trust has been betrayed. Particularly when this happens in early life, it can lead to an underlying feeling that the world is not a safe place, or that no matter what you do things are not going to work out. This guided visualization is designed to challenge and reprogram the unconscious narrative that keeps so many people stuck.