Do you have classes for beginners?  Yes, our Mindful Express class is a 30 minute option that provides basic instruction and guidance at the beginning of each class, followed by a silent, breath-focused meditation. Other good options are any of our highly-guided visualization classes, such as Abundance, Daily Intentions, Forgiveness, Greater Good, and Healthy Mind/Body. If you want a complete experience of pure relaxation, the Sound Bath class involves lying down and passively receiving the otherworldly sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls.

Do I have to sit on the floor? No, we have a built-in bench for clients who prefer more support than the traditional cushion sets. Some of our instructors teach from an i-rest/Yoga Nidra tradition, which is taught lying down, as is our Sound Bath class.

Do you have classes for children? It depends on the child. Some teens may be able to sit in stillness for a 30-45 minute class, but please note that the classes are designed for adults. We plan to add child-focused classes in the future, so please check back!

What should I bring to class? Just yourself! Dress comfortably for sitting. We have blankets if you’d like one. Otherwise, please limit the items you bring into class to avoid distractions. We ask that you leave water bottles and cell phones in the lobby.

Are there any policies that I should be aware of? Due to the nature of meditation, we cannot allow late entries. It is very disruptive to your fellow meditators. For the same reason, we ask that you refrain from wearing fragrances. Most importantly, please silence your cell phone and leave it in the lobby with your shoes.